A Note to Parents

I would like to address parents who may have children who visit this site.  If I had to give this blog a “rating” I would probably have to rate it PG-13.  This is purely because some of the subject matter is intended for adults.  We are engaging in a discussion of womanhood and femininity and at times this discussion will lead us to exploring themes that deal with our sexuality.  While I shall always endeavor to treat all our subject matter with the utmost respect and reverence that God intended, as a mother I understand that there are themes which you would rather not have your children exposed to before you discuss the subject matter with them first. 

 On the other hand, though, today many 13 year olds have already had more “sex education” than I had in all the years before I was married!  Therefore, they may indeed benefit from a frank, and reverent discussion of their own emerging and blossoming womanhood.  I shall leave that determination to you, the parent. 



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