A New Kind of Beauty Regimen

Here we are again to discuss that topic which haunts us….beauty.  If you haven’t read the two previous “Beauty and the Beastly World” entries I encourage you to do so, because I will attempt to pick up here where they left off.

As I was preparing to write this post I came across a video on YouTube that really emphasizes the discussion we have been having.  Here is the link to it:   Dove Evolution **

My favorite part of that video is the statement “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.”  That, dear ladies, is our biggest challenge in this ongoing discussion of beauty that we have undertaken.  You see, you can agree with everything that I have written;  you could be sitting at your computer pumping your fist in the air yelling, “Right on!”  but when you go and look in the mirror, you might still feel less that beautiful…………..


We MUST let go of our own distorted perceptions of beauty.  We will never be free otherwise.  The great paradox is that if we continue striving after this false definition of beauty we will NEVER attain it, and we will NEVER be able to illuminate the world with the beauty we really DO have. 

 In the last post we discovered that beauty emanates from a woman who is at peace.  A woman who has confidence and a serenity of soul… a woman who is in love with her God and who knows God is crazy-go-nuts-in-love with her.  A woman who is constantly grasping and clawing at some distorted idea of beauty will prevent herself from showing the world the beauty she already really does have!  Once again, our “Proof of Beauty” (see Beauty and the Beastly World Part 2) tells us that since God created women (YOU!) as the glorious jewel on His crown of Creation, and that He did so because He wanted to reveal to the world His beauty; we can conclude that we ALREADY POSSESS that beauty which we have been created to reveal!

We shouldn’t feel that we have to fight our way to beauty…it is because of our distorted idea of what beauty is that we do.  Now let me pause here and say a bit about makeup.  I have absolutely nothing against makeup.  I like to joke that it was an ancient, sleep deprived mother who invented it!  (or maybe an ancient sleep deprived college student…)  Make-up however, is a tool that we use to enhance our beauty….and I am going to stop myself here. I was going to write more about make up and while I was putting all my thoughts together I realized that I have a lot more ideas on the subject… 😉 guess what  a future post is going to be about!

So if we aren’t talking about make-up, and the title is “A New Kind of Beauty Regimen” what exactly are we going to talk about? 

Well, let’s go back to the analogy of the Vase, flowers, and water (Beauty and the Beastly World, part 2):  (quick recap – You are the Vase, God’s Grace is the Water, and the Roses are His Love)

We said that once the Waters of Grace are Poured into the lovely, unique, perfectly formed Vase (pick your own shape – mine is sometimes curvy, and sometimes shaped like a watermelon), and once the gorgeous Roses are placed in the water, in the Vase, the whole entire picture is breathtaking.  It catches the eye of all who see.  Then the Beauty of the Vase is fully realized.  It is empty without the water and Roses. 

As women we are never meant to be empty.  That is written into our biology!  Our bodies tell the story that we are created to be vessels in order to give birth.  Biologically we do this by bearing children.  Spiritually we do this by bearing in us the Grace of God in order to let His Love spill out of us and into the world!  Our Beauty shows the world not only the Beauty of God, but His love!  As women we are constantly receiving and giving, receiving and giving.  This is a biological, psychological, and spiritual reality for us.   Just as we receive the love of a husband, and then give back a child (I am oversimplifying a very profound reality here, in the interest of brevity),  when we receive God’s love, we then give back to the world our beauty!  It is a beautiful reciprocal relationship.  As women, our bodies tell us that we are “receivers” and then “givers.”  We give by receiving.  So it is with  the gift of our beauty.  Isn’t it amazing how simple, yet how profoundly deep the reality of womanhood is?!  Just as we could not give to the world the gift of a child without first receiving the gift of our husband, (crazy, scary, science excluded….another topic another time), we cannot fully reveal to the world our Mysterious gift of Beauty without first receiving the Love of our God and Father. 

So our New Beauty Regimen should include for us a way to continuously open ourselves to God’s Love.  The first step in this regimen must be prayer.  We will never get to know God or have a relationship with Him if we do not talk to Him!  I would suggest that in addition to prayer we frequent the sacraments, read about Him in SCripture and in the Lives of the Saints and visit Our God in the Blessed Sacrament as often as our State in Life allows.  ( a GREAT way for those of us who can’t always get out of the house or work  is www.Savior.org . It is, get this, online, streaming, LIVE video of Eucharistic Adoration!)  For some of us a relationship with God is intimidating.  There are many things that could bar us from a true and deep friendship with Him.  Perhaps we have wounds that still need to be healed, perhaps we are a little scared of being vulnerable with God.  Maybe we are control freaks (yeah……that would be me!)  Whatever our personal struggles may be, in order for us to truly reveal that amazing, breathtaking beauty that we TRULY POSSESS, we must make our relationship with our Father and God our first priority.  THIS is the New Beauty Regimen.  It is only through relationship with Him who is Beauty, that ours will be unveiled.  So then the only question remaining is:  He loves you so Much….will you let Him? 


**(Daughters of the Heavenly King does not endorse or speak for any product or company)

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One thought on “A New Kind of Beauty Regimen

  1. As author and visonary, Matthew Kelly, once said, “There is nothing more attractive than holiness.” My make-up drawer attests to the fact that I have a long way to go, but your post reminds me to persevere. Thank you for it.

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