Go, go….Gadget and the REAL secret to Beauty

Beauty gadgets. Apparently they are the latest thing to hit the ever evolving beauty market-place. I came across a few of these in a magazine I was reading. Now the interesting thing is, the magazine is NOT a publication whose main theme or focus is beauty. In fact, it’s not even in that genre at all! The premise of the magazine I was reading is pretty much ‘how to simplify your life” and “life made easier.” So I was surprised to see that it contained several pages of these gadgets that are supposed to make you more beautiful!

I had originally intended a different post for today, but since reading this magazine I got so worked up, I decided I’d revisit our discussion on beauty. (If you are new to the blog, you might want to check out Beauty and the Beastly World, parts 1 and 2, and A New Beauty Regimen  in the archives).

So, after reading about these gadgets, guess what I felt?  You got it, downright ugly!  (Why do we do this to ourselves?!)  Seriously, there was a gadget for everything!  A gadget for exfoliating, a gadget for “deep cleaning,” one for “targeting wrinkles, redness and breakouts,” another for “treating blemishes,” (as in a pimple), then the ironic part – one gadget for hair removal, and then another for promoting hair growth!  Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here, when I say gadget, I am talking about something that costs somewhere between 90 and 700 dollars!  Yep, the hair removal gadget costed a whopping$795, and then it said it CAN’T be used on your face, legs, or neck, and that it may leave pigmentation marks on darker skin…….!……..?……..  I tell you, my head was spinning after reading through these few pages!  (and I had an overwhelming urge to go scrub my face).  Lasers, ionic bursts, LED lights, laser combs, pulsating “ultra-fine aluminum-oxide crystals,” and oscillating “Sonic Skin brushes”  all sounded like a battery powered horror flick to me, not a ‘do-it-yourself’ spa/facial treatment!

But what is at the crux of it all?  What would compel a sane woman to spend hard earned money on a device that would fry, scrub, or “laser” her face and neck?  What would possess an otherwise sensible person to purchase a $700 mini machine that looks like something from the dentist’s office, but that was to be used on her face!? 

Yes.  The never ending quest for beauty.  You and I have all fallen for it in one way or another.  We’ve all purchased or tried something that, looking back, may have been a little extreme, but that, at the time, seemed worth it – because we all want to be the beauty!  I will be the first to admit it, especially if I am feeling less than lovely (or if I’ve just had a baby – which is, sadly, always when I feel my most “ugly”)  I will buy, borrow, or volunteer for anything that says it will make me beautiful – especially if it will do it fast! 

The reality is though, that this is tilting at windmills.  I realized that these gizmos and gadgets are just the latest in a long line of attempts at finally achieving that which seems unattainable – beauty.  And if we sincerely think that we can purchase beauty, then we will never be happy.  If we believe that we can scrub, laser-beam, ionize, LED, and paint on beauty, then we will forever be disappointed, because we will never feel like we have achieved it.  There will always be something else new, something else cutting edge, and something else ‘revolutionary’ that we will just ‘have to try.’ 

You see, the REAL  secret to Beauty, the only way to truly attain it, requires a complete paradigm shift on our part.  We need to retrain ourselves how to THINK about Beauty.   

 Various forms of media (most notably the air-brushing, computer enhancing kind), peer pressure, advertisements and the like have all subliminally trained us to think about Beauty as something that we have to attain.  This is our false belief.

The reality is that Beauty is something which we already have.  We were born with it.  We are women.  Woman = Beauty.   You’ve already got it, girl!!

(see Beauty and the Beastly World parts 1 and 2  and A New Beauty Regimen for an explanation of the “Proof of Beauty”)

Just this one shift in thinking can make a HUGE difference in our lives.  Now if you want to buy that $700 laser-ion, LED gizmo, go for it.  If you realize that you already truly are beautiful, that your beauty is more than image and paint, then anything you do will be to enhance your beauty.

Do you see the difference?  In one mindset you are grasping for a beauty that you believe you have to create – that you don’t have unless you do or buy X, Y and Z.

In the second mindset, you understand that you truly are beautiful, and that your beauty is an essence and a part of your very being.  A gift from our Loving Father, for you to share with a beauty-starved world.  Anything you do or buy, will then be to maintain and care for, enhance or call attention to that beauty that you know you already have. 

Here’s another way to look at it:

Girl A scrubs her face with special cream every night thinking that if she just scrubs long enough or for one more day then maybe she will become beautiful.

Girl B scrubs her face every night with special cream because she realizes she has beauty and she wants to take care of herself,and look her best. 

Girl A will never feel beautiful.  She will forever be living for “one more scrub.”  With her mindset she is setting herself up for a life of disappointment and striving – all in vain – for a beauty she doesn’t know she already has!

Girl B is living in reality.  She will be happier and probably more confident than girl A.    One thing is definitely for sure – they both have really clean faces! 🙂

Seriously though, the difference here is in the mindset – the paradigms that Girls A and B are operating in.   If we can teach ourselves to think like Girl B, then we too will be living in God’s Reality – the “real” reality so to speak!

Since reading that magazine I have quite literally gotten myself fired up again on the topic of Beauty.  So, guess what the next post is also going to discuss?  

You guessed it.  Only next I really want to go deeper with this ‘paradigm shift’ idea, and teaching ourselves how to think differently about Beauty; because with a mental shift in how we perceive our own Beauty, the reason why we wear make up comes into question.  

 Some people argue that you shouldn’t wear make up at all because ‘why enhance the Beauty God gave you?’  This is a fair argument – but it leaves out a huge event on the timeline of Salvation History- The Fall.  The Fall?  Yep.  What does the Fall have to do with Make Up and Beauty?

Ahh…good question….and the one which we will discuss next!

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