“Facebooking” God

If God had a Facebook page, what would His profile say?  What would He comment on?  Would He post a picture of Himself? 

I was musing about this the other day and had a teeny tiny revelation:  What if we could “Facebook” God?   I don’t know about you but I spend  a bit of time on there every day – imagine if we could log on and post a quick prayer request on His Wall, “Having  a bad day, God, please help!”?  What if we could Comment on His posts “Nice Sunset, Lord, Thank you!”  What if we could see His comments back, “I already know your needs and am taking care of you”  or  “You’re welcome, my daughter, I love you.”   Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Then it hit me.  Why don’t I Facebook God?  Seriously, why not?  I had been feeling guilty lately over not seeming to have enough time to pray.  I start the day with a prayer or two, add a few more little ones in the middle somewhere, but by the evening I feel like I’ve kinda scrimped in the prayer department.  So I started to inventory my daily routine.  Of course  I have responsibilities to my family, my vocation is how I serve God, but talking to Him……hmmm, then there’s all that time I spend on Facebook communicating with quite e few people, why do I seem to have such a hard time deepening my relationship with God and communicating with Him, when I spend a big chuck of my day doing that with hundreds of other people?   I mean, I could tell you what at least 37 of my 250-something friends were doing right now and what they thought about the latest headline in the news too.  I am connected in almost real-time to over two hundred and fifty people, and I felt like I was missing the boat with my God?!  That brought on the mother of all guilt complexes!  So I came up with a solution that I thought I’d share with you:

Before I input my Facebook password I “post” something on God’s “wall.”  Now, this is all done in my head of course, I havent created a Facebook page for God or anything!   (or maybe if I have a lot to say, I open up Wordpad and write God a quick “post” there.  Then I either save it in my God file or just delete it when I am done.)    Either way, it brings God into whatever may be on my mind at the time.  Sometimes what I “post” on “God’s Wall”  is the same thing I put on my own, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is the act of praying – which is really what ‘posting’ on God’s Wall is! and praying is what brings us closer to Him – deepens our relationship with Him.  It may sound silly, but its taught me how to not put God in His “prayer time box”  only to take Him out and talk to Him during my “assigned prayer times.”  Instead, my Facebooking God method allows me to see  Him in every part of my life – in real-time – just like on Facebook! 

The best part is, just like Facebooking has become a habit of mine, after a few days of Facebooking God, talking to Him regularly has become a habit too!  Now I can work on nurturing and deepening my friendship with Him – just like I talked about doing with our female friends in the last post!   (see Facebooking Femininity”)

As we continue on in our journey towards growing and being comfortable in our God-given femininity, we cannot lose sight of the fact that God is our Heavenly Father, and that He above all can reveal to us the great mysteries of our womanhood. So as I ended the previous post on “Facebooking” Femininity, I realized that I would be remiss if I didn’t articulate that no matter how many terrific friendships we have with other women, and as important as these are, no relationship will ever be as important as our relationship with our God.

Hmmm…maybe there is something to this Facebook thing…….

For our next post I would like to invite you into the “Cave” of Men………….until then, May God Continue to bless your beautiful feminine souls!

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