En Garde!

Christmas is in the air, and that means that it’s also on our TVs.   Just the other day I was going to sit and watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with my kids (you know the one with songs by Burl Ives that aired in 1964?)  Well ‘St. Nicholas’ bought this DVD for my kids, and I was really excited to watch it with them.  I have happy memories of my grandparents TV room, a slice of pizza and Burl Ives’ voice singing as Rudolph’s nose glows, and I was looking forward to introducing my kiddos to this Christmastime staple.  Imagine my surprise when a bunch of previews splashed one after another across the screen.  One in particular really made me mad.  It was for a movie called Gotta Catch Santa Claus.  This particular movie was animated with that new-fangled-veggie-tales-gone-bad-computerized-clay look that seems to be so popular in kids’ shows.  It starred the voice talent of William Shatner as Santa.  Now, I have nothing against William Shatner per-say.  I have very fond memories of sitting on my daddy’s knees watching “Captain Kirk” save the day.  I DO have something against a movie that takes Santa and turns him into a crass, doddering, idiot.  “Why?”  you ask, do I take Santa so serioulsy?  Well, because he represents much more than a bunch of gifts under the tree.  If you ask my kids, Santa is St. Nicholas.  The Bishop God allowed to turn into Santa Claus.  He is lovable, jolly, and generous.  He wants children to love Jesus, and be kind to others.  My children trust him implicitly and see Santa as a selfless man.  A true Christian.  Many of us held similar beliefs when we were children (and heck, I STILL believe in Santa Claus!).  A movie that seemed to remove those qualities from Santa, and replace them with anti-qualities such as stupidity, impatience, rudeness, crudeness, selfishness, and pride was insulting to me as a mother and to me as someone who loves Christmas!  (needless to say I now skip all the previews on that DVD and had to explain to my kids that the “Catching Santa” show seemed very “fresh” – the word we use for inappropriate or rude – and that it’s very sad that people made a show about Santa like that.  God Bless my daughter, for her reply was, “those silly people, they are confused!  We should tell them!”)

So why am I bothering to blog about my angst with this movie that I will never watch?  Because it reminded me that we must never let down our guard.  As women, whether we are married, single, a mommy, sister, daughter, friend, or co-worker.  Our guard must be up, and our hope in the Truth that comes from our Father in Heaven. 

Way back in the Garden of Eden (yep, we are back in the Garden, ladies – we should get frequent flier miles for all the trips we take back there!)  Eve was first duped by Satan.  She let her guard down and fell for the first deception in history.  And Adam?  Well, he wasn’t there to keep Eve from being duped.  Fast forward to the present and the same situation repeats itself in all sorts of ways.  It seems that as women we are especially targeted for deception.  Satan has got too many men all wrapped up in themselves – through video games, pornography, TV, computers, sports, work, or womanizing, so that the women are left out there all alone to fend for themselves.  Some do.  Many do not, and instead fall for one lie or another, one deception or another.  Hurting themselves and sometimes others as a result. 

Now I know this sounds kind of grim compared to some of the other blogs I have written.  I do not mean to lump ALL men in the categories mentioned above, and yes, men do need their “cave time.”  Thats not what I am talking about. I am talking about how Satan’s attack on man is to take him out of the picture, so he can then get to woman.  One of the easiest ways for the devil to do this is to simply distract the men.  I wish Genesis gave us a peek at what Adam was doing when the snake was talking to Eve! 

Why does Satan seem to really have it in for women?  Well, because Salvation would come to the world born of a Woman.  Because God placed “enmity between you [Satan] and the Woman” (Gen 3:15)  Because “Humanity is, in a special way, entrusted to women” (Mulieris Dignitatem – see Anti-Woman Healthcare – HR 3962

Satan hates women.  He wants to dupe us.  So we must not let our guard down.

Recently I came across something that just made my stomach churn.  Apparently there is a skin care line of cosmetics that uses skin cells from an aborted baby in its products:  http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=114251.

How twisted is that?!  As women, we want to be beautiful, to reclaim that which was lost in Eden (see Does Make-up “make up” for the Fall?)

  We can’t even let our guard down while buying beauty products, lest we purchase something made from the body of baby killed in his mother’s womb. (Yes, the cosmetic company even said it was a ‘male fetus’ who was used for their products).  I can’t begin to tell you how disgusted I was at this.  It’s insulting to us, as women, that this product be marketed to us as the breakthrough in anti-aging technology!  We, who were created to sustain and nurture life, we, who have had humanity itself entrusted to us! To be told that this brand of make-up will enhance our lives and make us more beautiful, all the while it is the pinnacle of the Culture of Death exploiting the murder of the most innocent and vulnerable – the very lives that we as women are created to nurture, sustain, and protect.

We must not let our guard down!

Think of the poor, desperate woman, made to feel that abortion is her only alternative.  Think of the teenaged girl who is taught that birth control is her only “option” and that abstinence is for losers.  Think of the scores of women who have come to believe that the only way for them to feel loved is by sleeping with every man who comes along. 

If we are not careful we may fall for these lies and deceptions.  We cannot let our guard down.

Yet, keeping your guard up all the time is tiresome.  We weary of the constant battle for ourselves and our dignity.  What then are we to do?  Especially if we do not have a strong and Godly man in our lives to help us fend off the daily barrage of deceit.

We rest.

Huh?  I thought you said we can’t let our guard down?!  Now I’m really confused!

We rest.  In the Lord.  We rest in our Heavenly Father’s loving arms.  He will never fail us.  Just as he redeemed us by sending us Christ to make up for Adam’s Fall, He shall, if we let Him, continue to send His Truth into our lives.

With God as our Father, and we as His Daughters, we will not fall for the lies and deceptions of this world.  Yes, we must remain vigilant, but as we do so as we rest in the Love of our Father.

God does not want us to fall prey to the wiles of Satan and a world that too often succumbs to the darkness of materialism, pride, and death.  He wants to reveal to us His Truth.  It is this Truth that is our Hope.  For armed with the Truth, we cannot be deceived.

Our guard remains up, as we allow our Father to Love us.

Let Him Romance you, let Him love you, and the deceptions of this world will not prevail.  (A Knight in Shining….blue jeans? )

Wow, all this from a lousy kid’s Christmas movie?  🙂

May God continue to Bless you as you prepare for the Advent of His Coming this Christmas. 

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