The “CONdom” of Contraception

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Would you kiss someone with a Band-aid on your mouth? I know, I know, it sounds absurd – but bear with me on this…

When you kiss someone, you share germs.  Germs are gross!  They could get you sick!  Even really, really sick. If you had a Band-aid over your mouth, you wouldn’t share the germs!  This is safer for everyone.  I think we should call it “safe kissing.”  In fact, I think this is such a great idea that I am going to lobby to have all school children taught about the dangers of kissing, so that they know how to kiss safely.  Of course we’ll tell them that kissing is a fun thing, and that it’s a great way to express themselves, and to explore pleasure.  They just have to kiss safely.  That’s why they should wear Band-aids.  I also think that schools should be responsible forFile:Bandaid.JPG teaching kids how to apply the Band-aids correctly – so that they don’t risk sharing germs because of improper usage.  They could even have special classes for this!!  Yes, I think that kids should experiment with kissing.  Find out what works for them and what they like.  As long as they wear the Band-aids, what’s the big deal??  Oh, and we should begin to introduce kids to kissing and Band-aids in kindergarten.  You can’t start too early.  I think that all young people have a right to kiss, and to have the correct information about safe kissing.  (Young people meaning individuals ages 10 – 24.)  They should also learn that kissing is worse for girls.  Just the way their bodies are made makes girls different, and makes them more likely to experience the adverse side effects of kissing unprotected.  Girls’ bodies are bad.  Wearing a Band-aid (or having the guy wear one) helps  to fix what is wrong with their bodies.  Maybe someday someone will invent a ‘pill’ that will help fix everything that’s wrong with girls’ bodies…

What?  Why are you mad?  Parents?  What about parents?  It’s not up to the parents of these young people to educate them.  Thats silly.  This stuff is too important to leave it to the parents.  Thats why the schools should handle it.  Besides, some parents might be opposed to kissing before you are married!  Or kissing before you are in a serious and committed relationship!  That’s too old-fashioned.  Worse yet, they may be “religious” and we all know how religion prevents young people from getting the correct and empowering information that they need to make good choices, and to know how to correctly and safely experience all that kissing truly is. Think about when you were younger – don’t you wish you had a school to tell you what was wrong with your body, and then everything you could do to ‘fix’ the problems and experience, without consequences, the pleasure and fun of kissing?

Oh Wait.  Most of you did………

Yes.  That was satire.  Dripping satire.  It does, however, make a point.  I think we all know what I was really talking about (at least I hope that you know what I am really talking about – if you don’t , then I am not as good at writing as I think I am!)

Yes, I am talking about sex, but what I am really getting at is contraception.  This is perhaps one of the biggest ‘cons’ ever pulled on women.  I’d say the first and biggest ‘con’ had to be the whole ‘apple thing’ back in the Garden…but I digress.

Contraception was illegal in many states , except for “therapeutic purposes,” until June 7, 1965. (1)  The US. Supreme Court case Griswold vs. Connecticut is considered to be the landmark case that legalized contraception for all fifty states and made it more widely available throughout America.  (Actually the way the decision reads, it made contraception legal for Married Couples… and Griswold was the Executive Director for Planned Parenthood of Connecticut. Amazing how nowadays most of their clients are unmarried women…). (2)   Up until the 1930s, contraception was not only illegal in every state (again, except for ‘theraputic’ purposes), it was also condemned by ALL the religious denominations in the United States.(3)  Then in the ’30s the Protestant Denominations began to change their views.  The Anglican Church was the first to cease condemning Birth Control, and soon all the other Christian Denominations, save the Catholic Church, followed suit, and reversed almost 2000 years of Christian tradition and belief.  “Today, the Catholic Church alone proclaims the historic Christian position on contraception” (4).

So what changed?  How did this thing called Contraception or “birth control” go from being totally taboo and immoral, to being accepted and totally “normal” – so much so that if you aren’t on Birth Control you are the exception and the ‘abnormality?’   I’ll tell you what happened:  Women got conned.  Thats right, and since the 1930s, when CONtraception began to become popular for “therapeutic reasons” Birth Control has built its own little “Con-dom” right here in our country  (yes, it’s a play on KINGdom, FIFEdom, CONdom… clever huh? 🙂  )

Contraception has forever been touted as one of the emancipators of women – freeing them up to do the things they really want.  In the 1960s this took on a new meaning for women as contraception allowed them to have “sexual freedom” as well.  Freedom is a good thing.  Unfortunately, contraception really has little to do with freedom.  Instead of women gaining all these advantages from using birth control, women began to become victims.  What is so disturbing is that contraception is so engrained in our culture, women don’t even realize that they use birth control at their own expense.  Physically, socially, and even neurologically, women are paying the price.

You see, back in the day, women were respected for the fact that they could have babies.  This was a good thing!  It was normal to expect to get married and get pregnant.  It was recognized as the natural order of things.  Pregnancy was an understood consequence of sex.  This reality helped to keep sexual activity in greater perspective  and largely reserved such activities for married couples.  (I am being a little overly simplistic and speaking in generalities here for the sake of time.)  Men also had to be wary of the consequences of their actions – with regard to women.  This generally led to a greater respect for women.  Even if a man didn’t particularly respect a woman on a personal level, he most likely acted with respect towards her.    At the very least, a woman’s ability to become pregnant made her deserving of respect – and if not respect, then at the very least – caution.  Not surprisingly,since the 1930s (and the beginnings of contraceptive use for so-called “therapeutic reasons,”)  the ages of men and women at the time if their first “sexual encounter” has steadily declined. (5)  In other words people (or shall we say teenagers, nowadays) are having sex at younger and younger ages – and this decline in age is in direct correlation to the rate of the rise of contraceptive use, and the introduction of “sex ed” in schools.

One of the biggest cons of CONtraception is that it makes it seem like all of a sudden, there are no consequences to sex.  Men do not feel any responsibility towards they women they bed, and women are deprived of their unique ability and gift of bearing a life.  Does this sound like freedom?  We have discussed before how women in particular have been entrusted with humanity  (see Anti-Woman Healthcare – HR 3962)  Another important aspect of womanhood is woman’s ability to “raise the bar.”  “In every successful society, women are the ultimate keepers of virtue. They are the civilizing influence on the men and the culture around them. They tame the worst appetites of men, whether it be toward violence, sexual aggressiveness and promiscuity, or even just things like laziness or coarseness” (6)  We are the civilizers, and men will rise as high as we set the bar for them.  Contraception drastically lowered it.  It opened the door very wide for men to use women.  There was a time when most women demanded respect from men, but as contraceptive use became more commonplace, this respect began to diminish.  Women became more easily objectified when they no longer came with “consequences” (ie: “the chance of pregnancy”).  Women could now be conquests, and the women, losing respect for themselves, allowed this to happen.

See, I am not about to place a whole heap of blame on men here, because contraception radically increased the promiscuity of women.  Freed from the “burden” of a possible pregnancy women began to seek out sexual encounters, and brazenly began to play the field. Now women didn’t feel the need to find the perfect mate and the future father of their children – they could “have fun” first, and when they were “ready,” settle down.  They didn’t have to worry about the ‘consequences’ of sex now either.  What freedom!

What a con.

This so-called freedom has not only allowed for a greater objectification of women, and degradation of sex itself, it has also made sex much more perilous!  Before 1960 there were two significant STDs: gonorrhea, and syphilis.  Now there are more than 25, with some strains of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis, among others, constantly mutating and becoming resistant to treatment.  This amazing rise in the both the number and the severity of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections also clearly correlates to the rise in the use of contraceptives.   We all know that an oral contraceptive, for instance, cannot protect against an STD.  However, the new “invincibility” felt by women taking contraceptives generally led to more “risk taking” in general.  Condom use started to become commonplace – even if women were on another type of birth control.  This added to the feeling of invincibility.  The problem is, condoms DO NOT protect against all STDs!  Women have been conned into believing that if they are on birth control and they use “protection”, they don’t have to worry about a thing!  What a crock!  There are untold numbers of women who may have a latent infection and do  not know it.  There are even more men who have at least one STD and do not know it because many  guys who have an STD do not present with any symptoms!  In the name of “freedom” we are infecting ourselves with untold numbers of diseases that have proven links to all sorts of cancers, serious – even life threatening – infections and other disorders!  Worse yet, these diseases keep changing!  Just a few years ago a whole new crop of STDs was discovered!  (8)

Pilule contraceptive.jpgThis is what happens when we act outside of God’s Natural Law.  This is what happens when women are conned by the lie of contraception.  Did you know that the hormones in some contraceptives actually affect women neurologically?  It’s true – there was a study done that proved that the Pill has neurological effects on women – and even causes them to “pick bad mates”  (9). Yep.  The study found that if women were not on the Pill, they never would have dated (or married!) the men that they did.  That’s a little scary isn’t it?  And I haven’t even mentioned all the physical side effects yet!  Lets suffice it to say that there are never “no” side effects of a medication.  It’s in their nature – when you put a chemical in your body that doesn’t normally belong there, your body reacts to it.  (Try to Google some common side effects – some are none-too-pretty).

You and I take medicine when we are sick.  The medicine makes the sickness go away.  It makes us better. Birth Control is medicine – whether it’s in the form of a pill, a shot, a ring, or a diaphragm, it contains hormones and chemicals.  But this medicine is stuff you take when you are well!  If there is a chance that you could get pregnant your body is working right!  Taking medicine when you are not sick is never an entirely healthy thing to do. I mean how many of your moms told you that you couldn’t have the yummy pink medicine whenever you wanted because “You can’t take medicine when you aren’t sick?”  What a flip-flop!  I mean could you imagine walking into a doctor’s office, having the doc give you a perfectly clean bill of health and then prescribing you medication to make your body do  something that it’s not supposed to?  We would never go back to that doctor again!  Yet every day millions of women do just that!  They have been conned!

I won’t go into all the side effects of the Pill and other forms of contraception here – it would take up at least two posts!  A good book that explains a lot about the dangers of the Pill and other hormonal contraception is called Life-Giving Love by Kimberly Hahn.  It will even give you the Truth about how the Pill, and hormonal contraception, is in fact, linked to Breast Cancer – despite what you might hear in the news.  Women have been conned.  While researching this I encountered lie after lie, con after con.  One that really upset me was an explanation of the side effects of the “Morning After Pill” usually called “Emergency Contraception.”  The explanation said that “Some women also find that the female hormones in the pills (either progestin alone or a combination of progestin and estrogen) cause unexpected bleeding; this is not dangerous and should clear up by the time you have your next period. The pills might also cause your next period to come early or late” (10).  What this doesn’t say is that if this “bleeding” occurs it most likely is because you had gotten pregnant.  Thats right.  This benign explanation of side effects should say that one side- effect of the “Morning After Pill” is that you may kill your very new baby.  This type of contraception  is known as an ‘abortificant.’  It’s a con.  An insidious con, glossed over to sound like no big deal.

If you went to high school sometime during or after the 1990s, you most likely took a course called “sex ed” (or something along those lines).   This course is still around and, among other things, responsible for conning millions of young women every year into believing that their bodies are bad.  You see part of what this course does (unless it is an Abstinence Only Curriculum) is teach young men and women about the importance of so-called “safe sex,” and the necessity of contraception.  It is presented as though every young teenage girl needs to be on some sort of birth control.  Even the more mellow of sex ed classes require extensive research and study about the various forms of birth control available (as well as how to procure an abortion!).  These courses nowadays have become out-right brazen in their encouragement of what used to be considered deviant and inappropriate behavior.  Sexual activities of varying degrees are encouraged, and marriage is no longer taught to be the proper context for sexual intimacy.  Planned Parenthood is responsible for most of the Sex Ed curricula used in schools today.  It is no coincidence that they are also the leading provider of birth control and abortions to teenagers and women under the age of 30.  What these sex ed classes also subtly teach is that as a woman, your body can get you into trouble; and that you are made in such a way as to hinder your ability to truly discover yourself and enjoy your life.  So in order to “fix” this problem, you need contraception.  This very subtle message becomes engrained in a young woman’s psyche – and her mind internalizes the idea that her body is somehow bad and flawed.  Again, I say, What a CON!!!

Women (most especially young, adolescent women) need to know that their bodies are beautiful!  They are designed to do something monumental and important – not something trivial and debilitating!  A woman’s fertility is a gift!  It is part of her femininity!  Learning how to interpret and understand her body is what can truly empower a woman – not taking some sort of pill, or inserting a ring or diaphragm!  Women should be taught that their bodies, and the beautiful way in which they work, deserve respect!  Sadly, many woman have been taught lies, so that now they, themselves, do not even respect their own bodies.

I apologize if this is beginning to read a little grim!  How much our culture needs Godly women to speak the truth about the con of contraception!

But what of our satire all those words ago?  Let us return to the question, “Would you kiss someone with a Band-aid on your mouth?”   This is after all at the crux and the very heart of the contraception ‘con.’   You see aside from all the terrible consequences of contraception, there is one that overshadows the rest:  Contraception is directly opposed to God’s designs for femininity and for sexuality.  His Natural Law is such that part of being a woman means having the ability to bear a child. When one denies the Natural Law, which in this case, means altering the woman’s body so that it cannot conceive a child, serious consequences occur.  Remember, as we have said before, you cannot go against the Natural Law without dire consequences.  Now, all the STDs, the neurological changes, and the greater objectification of women comes into focus.  These things are the results of a culture that has rejected the Natural Order of things, and tried to act like God, by attempting to control women’s bodies.  Its in the name:  Birth Control!

Women’s bodies are so beautifully designed that if a woman and her husband prayerfully decide that they should not conceive a child, they can work with the woman’s body and avoid relations during the time that she is fertile.  This, often referred to as Natural Family Planning, or by the name of a particular method of charting and tracking a woman’s fertility cycle, does not violate the Natural Law.  It is not contrary to God’s design.  Even the word contraception means “against” – “against conception.”  Working with a woman’s fertility cycle is working with God, not against Him.

And what of the Band-Aid?  Well, it sure would get in the way, wouldn’t it?  Yes.  That is my final point.  The marital act (sex) is meant to be a complete and total giving of oneself to the other (spouse).  How can one give him or herself totally and completely, if there is a “Band-aid” between them?  How can a wife truly say to her husband, “I give myself to you” while she knows she is, in fact, still controlling her fertility?  She is not capable of giving herself completely if she is retaining some “control” for herself.  This actually leads to a very selfish attitude towards sex and towards her spouse.  The same goes for the guy.  If he knows that the whole fertility, ‘chance of getting pregnant thing’ is under “control”, he does not have to respect his wife’s body or the way she was created!  This creates what is called a “contraceptive mentality.”  It’s pretty much like saying to your spouse, “I love you so much, I want to spend my whole life with you, and I want to share everything with you – oh, except the very best, most special thing about myself.  I’m not sharing that.  I don’t trust you that much!”  You see?  It’s flawed!  Its a contradiction!  It also has serious repercussions on the marriage.  A different analogy:  A man and his wife are having dessert.  They are sharing a delicious slice of chocolate cake.  The end of the cake is covered in fudge, and shaved chocolate, with dollops of real whipped cream – definitely the best part of the cake!  All of a sudden the woman takes her fork, slices off the decadent end of the cake and puts it on a separate plate – far away from her husband.  “There,” she says, “Now you can’t get it.”  Thats what contraception does to the Marital relationship.

But what of God?  Where is He in all this?  He designed sex to be a 3-person thing.  Now hold, on don’t be scandalized!  HE is the third Person.  When a man and woman come together in the marital embrace, God has the final say on whether or not that act results in the creation of a new life – a baby.  Even if the man and woman are attempting to avoid a pregnancy at the time, without contraceptives, the final word is still God’s.  He is still being allowed a say in the matter, and that is how He intended it to be.  Afterall, as a loving Father, He does know what is best for us, and for anyone else He may choose to create.  This is perhaps, where the most Diabolical ‘con’ comes into play.

We have been conned into believing that God won’t do what’s best for us.  That He can’t take care of us, and that He will give us more than we can handle.  So we deny Him even the chance to prove us wrong.  Contraception pushes God completely out of the equation.  It is, in effect, telling Him to butt out.   God, the very creator of sex, the designer of masculinity and femininity, is all of a sudden not to be trusted.  Contraception has become a primary way for women to divorce themselves from God – and this, my dear readers, is a big part of Satan’s master plan.  he is the ultimate Con artist, and contraception has up until now been one of his more successful cons.

No More.

You, dear woman, know the Truth.  You know about the beauty of your body – and how it was designed.  You understand the immense gift of your fertility, and that you deserve respect.    Most importantly, you know that God CAN be trusted – in everything – even in the bedroom .  This Truth, and your willingness to speak it, will undermine the Con artist, and topple his “Con”-dom that has for so long ruled our culture.  So many women need to know the Truth about their bodies, their femininity, and cons of contraception!  Are you willing to rip off the Band-aids and loudly proclaim the truth to them? The future of our civilized society may well depend on it.

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