What Do You MEAN When You Say CHOICE? An Open Letter to the Abortion Industry

To Whom It May Concern in the Abortion Industry, and to the Women Who Feel They Have No Choice but to Become Their Latest Customers,

I am writing this letter not be one of those “snarky pro-lifers” you worry about.  I have a legitimate question: Just What exactly do you mean when you say choice?  I am sure that some of you in the abortion industry truly want to help women.  This is noble and good.  I applaud you for that desire.  But does counseling abortion, providing abortion, pushing abortion really help women?  Does it really give them a choice?  I have to say no.  Most women choose abortion because they have been led to believe that the baby they are carrying is ‘just tissue,’ ‘can’t feel pain,’ ‘isn’t viable outside the womb,’ and ‘isn’t a baby yet.’  They are not told the truth- that by 5 weeks the “fetus” has a heart that is beating, that by the time of 8 and 9 weeks (the time most abortions occur) that ’tissue’ has fingers, toes, and even a tongue.  He or she can feel pain.  If women who are counseled to have an abortion do not know who exactly it is that they are killing, how is that a choice?  Why are women not shown who it is that they are choosing to kill?  After seeing an ultrasound of their baby more than 80% of women choose NOT to abort.  If they are not shown the Truth, they never really have that choice, do they? Many women (especially low-income, and African-American Women living in cities) do not know they have a choice not to abort if they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.  How is THAT a choice at all?  Is it truly a coincidence that more abortion facilities are located in cities – most especially in or near low-income and “minority” communities – than anywhere else?  I think not.  Is it a coincidence that as far back as 1991 African-American Women made up 42% of Planned Parenthood’s Customer base – even though they only comprised about 19% of the total population of the US?  Is that a choice or is that just because those women are good for business?

Is it really a choice when women who are counseled to receive abortions do not understand that they face very serious risks and life changing after effects?  Are they told that after about 5 to 10 years they will experience mental anguish, depression, even flashbacks, deep regret, and guilt?  Is it explained to them that women who have had abortions are more at risk for suicide and debilitating depression?  Would any truly informed woman choose to put herself through that?  (For more on this topic and to hear testimonies from women who regret their abortions see http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/).

Is it really a choice when a woman has no idea how her body was made to work – when she has been told her whole life that her fertility is dangerous and that she has to control it artificially and that this will make free?  When those contraceptives fail, and she finds herself pregnant, how will this woman know she has a choice not to abort?  Not to do more to her body – that beautiful body, which she doesn’t understand and has never been taught to respect?  Is that really a choice?

If a woman doesn’t know any better, if she has never been told the TRUTH about the alternatives she has for herself and her pre-born baby, how is THAT a choice?

I ask you again, just what DO you mean when you say CHOICE?

I could end this letter here, but for the sake of those women who find themselves confused and pregnant, scared and vulnerable, not sure that they have a CHOICE, who may chance upon this letter, I want to tell them that they DO have true choices – and these real choices do not come at the expense of their health, or the lives of their pre-born babies.

Woman have the choice to learn about their bodies and how they are beautifully made.  Women do not need contraceptives, nor do they need abortion to be truly free.  I want to tell them that their bodies are beautiful!  They are made so amazingly – and it is possible to learn about your body, work with it, and respect it!  (for websites with this information see the footnotes to this letter).

I want women to know that abortion ALWAYS harms.  ALWAYS.  It harms the women who undergo the procedure or take the pill.  It kills a life.  This life has a heartbeat, a brain and feelings.  This life can feel pain and sense danger.  This life tries to get away from the tools of the abortionist!  This life has no voice – and this life, this child, depends upon YOU, his mother for protection.  This child is not given a choice.  If YOU had to choose between life and being murdered, what would YOU choose?  Why won’t you choose the same for the life you carry?

If you cannot parent a child right now, that is OK! There are SO MANY wonderful families who cannot have children of their own who are praying for a generous heart to place a child in their care.  Do not be afraid of the “system.”  Your child does not need to go through the foster care system and become a ward of the state forever!  This is largely a myth that you have been led to believe – a myth that makes you feel like adoption is an evil choice.  This is not so!  Your baby deserves a loving home, and if you are a brave and courageous women, willing to give your child a chance at LIFE there are many people who will help you and guide you – at no cost to you – as you find a loving family for your baby.  There are MANY kinds of adoption that give you as much or as little participation in your child’s life as you wish.  (again see the footnotes for more resources on this).

Perhaps you do not feel well, perhaps you need support and someone who understands what you are going through.  You will NEVER find that kind of support from an agency that you have to PAY.  No matter what they say, if they ask for money – whether it is for abortion, contraception, or even counseling – they WILL NOT give you the kind of support you need.  Do not be afraid though – there are MANY other women, men and organizations who DO want to help  you.  They want to be your friend, they want to assist you, and they will NEVER ask you for money.  They want to love you!  If you need this kind of support and unconditional love simply call 1(877) 77BIRTH or check out http://www.birthmothers.org/. There are also many community based organizations and church groups who want to help!  Do not be embarrassed, do not be afraid – if you call them YOU will make their day!

Maybe you find yourself confronted with the wrenching decision of having an abortion or being kicked out of your home.  This is a terribly scary situation.  This can make you feel like you have no choice.  YOU DO.  There are people who want to help you – people who have homes for you and places for you to stay.  People who want to see you through this hard time and see you and your child succeed at life!  Many of these places are local and they are all over the country.  I will link to some of them here and even if you live outside of their area they have resources and information about similar organizations that are closer to you.  (http://goodcounselhomes.org/,  http://projectgabriel.net/,  http://www.gabrielproject.com/help.htm).

My dear reader, whether you are in the Abortion Industry or considering an abortion for yourself, you NEED to know that Choice should not simply equal Abortion.  All too often I fear that when someone says they are “pro-choice” all they really mean is “pro-abortion.”  Women deserve better than that, and so do the tiny humans that are never given a choice at life.

So, I ask you again, What do you MEAN when you say CHOICE?


Laura Ricketts

Additional Resources for Women who want a REAL Choice:

Learning About Your Body:











3 thoughts on “What Do You MEAN When You Say CHOICE? An Open Letter to the Abortion Industry

  1. I can tell you what I mean by choice. I was pregnant and unmarried, working in a very low paying job in the theatre. I had no health insurance and this was before the pre-existing condition legislation was passed so I would not be covered for my medical care.

    I went to Planned Parenthood to confirm that I was indeed pregnant. When the test results came back positive, they took in into a private room and discussed with me all choices I had: Termination of the pregnancy, go to full term with the pregnancy and become a parent or adopt. I said I was really confused and didn’t know what to do and they offered counselors. I went to see the counselors and they really helped me through my fears and when I decided I wanted to keep the baby they helped me find a doctor and plan for the future.

    It is a daunting decision to make and I can understand how many women prefer it when the decision is made for them, either by the state or a religious institution. But I do not know how I would have felt if I hadn’t had the choice. So to answer your question…that is exactly what I mean by Pro Choice

  2. After I originally commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a
    comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment.

    Is there a way you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

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