Corpus Christi



Sweet Jesus, humbly with us in the guise of Bread and Wine, Pray for us!

Thank you for the Incredible Gift of Your Eucharistic Body and Blood!


Thank You

Thank you for your patience! Its been a while since I last posted, and I can’t WAIT to write another bog entry! (I’m actually working on one now!)

My young son broke his leg 4 weeks ago and it really threw me off!!  Even though it was terrible for him, we have had an incredible blessing! I will share with you what I wrote to some of my family and friends -such a wonderful story!  Then we shall resume a better and more frequent posting schedule, starting next week with “Cultural Revolution” – so stay tuned!

This is what I wrote 2 weeks ago to my some of my friends and family:

Noah had his 2 week check up for his leg today.  The doctor was somewhat flabbergasted when she looked at today’s Xrays and saw that the 2 breaks are completely healed.  “I’ve never seen this type of  break heal so quickly – even in a small child,” she said, “I don’t know what to do!”  and she stared at the XRays some more.  I, however, was not as surprised, simply because when Noah broke his leg (he had a good crack in his tibia and a spidery fracture and some bowing in his fibula)  I began praying to Bl John Paul II to heal it quickly.  I had a prayer card that was blessed by him when I saw him in Rome in 2000.  I placed it over his break inside his cast at night.  Today I was practically giddy as we waited for the XRay results because I  knew it would be good news!  Since the Doc was so confused as to what she should do and all I could do was laugh as Noah swung his “broken” leg around she decided to take off his big cast and look at it.  When she came in the room after it was removed she started examining the wrong leg saying, “Hmm there is some bruising.”  When I pointed out that she was examining the wrong leg and that the bruising was an ink smudge and an old black and blue mark, she took a look at the “broken” leg and said, “Oh my, it looks perfectly fine!”  She asked him if it hurt to which he responded by kicking it, laughing, and trying to jump on it. Ultimately she decided to put him in a short leg cast “because that’s what I would normally do, and I’ve never encountered this situation before.”  She admitted though that the short leg cast doesn’t even cover the part that was broken (!) and that its really for “insurance and malpractice purposes” more than anything else, “because his leg looks completely healed even though it shouldn’t.” 

I never gave him homeopathy to promote bone growth because I couldn’t find it, and was confident that Bl. Papa JP2 would fix him.  He never had or needed pain relievers after the day the break occurred.  I gave him Arnica for the first 2 days (before his big cast was put on) to reduce swelling, and that was it.  I am completely convinced that through the intercession of Papa John Paul II, Noah’s leg is perfectly fine, and he has to deal with the short cast purely as a formality and to appease a very confused doctor. 

Another interesting thing is that the whole time we were at the Orthopedist Noah kept asking to go to Church!  He told all the nurses he was going to church and kept asking me to go.  He NEVER asks to go to church. Ever.  I promised him we’d go when we were done.  When we left the Orthopedist we went to our Church and into the Adoration Chapel.  Noah was very quiet and content (also rare).  He blessed himself with Holy Water, blew Jesus a kiss and I asked him if we should say thank you.  He nodded so we said, I love you Jesus, thank you John Paul ‘second’.  Then he blew Jesus another kiss, and looked at me whispering , “OK, go home now.”  I smiled at him and that’s just what we did!  Perhaps his little heart understands…I’d like to think so.

Thank you, Bl. John Paul II!!! We Love you!