A Bold Proposal – A President and Pope

Islamo-Fascism: The NEW Iron Curtain

**Disclaimer: For the purposes of this blog post “Islamo-facism” refers to Islamic extremism – which is practiced by Muslims who believe in and support violent “jihad” against non-muslims, and Shariah law and its supremacy – even to the laws of other nations. It does NOT refer to those Muslims who believe theirs is a religion of peace and practice it as such.**

I want to propose something that may seem a little bold, maybe a little crazy, and I welcome your comments.

Twenty-something years ago Pope John Paul II worked to bring a peaceful end to Communism in Europe and throughout the world. Simultaneously, President Ronald Reagan worked to the same end. While there was no USA-Vatican conspiracy to bring down the Iron Curtain, there WAS, according to Papal Biographer George Weigel, a mutual understanding and respect, and a willingness to support each other’s efforts between John Paul II and Reagan. Both men understood that their cooperation and faith-based efforts on the world stage would eventually accomplish what many thought was impossible: The virtual end of Communisms’ reach and stronghold in the Eastern Bloc of Europe, and in many other nations. Sure, communism in some form still limps lamely along in the world – most notably in small nations like Cuba and in some South American countries, but the width and breadth of Communism’s grip is no where even close to what it was before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and lifting of the Iron Curtain. Even in countries where communism still exists it is not the same “brand” of totalitarian control that it was back when the Soviet Socialist Republic was in power, and its days are numbered as it is slowly being eroded and replaced by freedom.

I think it is safe to say (and many historians would agree – both secular and Catholic) that the Communist threat, that Communism’s “religion” of the State, was effectively brought to its knees and ended by the mutual respect, understanding, and sometimes cooperation of a Pope and a President.

Let us look now at today. While communism was the threat of the later 20th Century, it is Islamic Extremism that is the threat of 21st. Theocrats who wish to convert or exterminate all but those who profess Allah as he is described in the Koran are determined to take the world by violent force – and are driven by their belief that this is their “divine calling.” These individuals believe that their own form of law must replace the civil laws of society. Laws that require honor killings, beheadings, and burqas. To think that we are immune to this theocratic madness is naive and dangerous. Already we have seen here in the US an effort to bring Shariah Law into our land. Already we have been attacked on our own soil for being “infidels” (non-believers). My friends, this is the global threat of our time.

Why do I bring this up here? Because throughout history it has been the Catholic Church who has stood for freedom and Truth. In the face of persecution, heresy, globalism, communism, fascism, and now, Islamic Extremism. The Church has unabashedly professed that true Freedom is only available if the person is able to choose it. Freedom, John Paul II reminded us, isn’t freedom if one’s dignity is not respected. Freedom means having the ability to worship God as He would have us worship Him. Islamic extremism, Shariah law, are the antithesis of freedom. This brand of Islam does not respect the dignity of its own followers. Women are treated as objects whose only mission is to bear more Muslim boys, and who are at fault for the sins of men. Burqas and headscarves are not worn out of respect. They are imposed on women because women’s bodies are seen as vile and sinful. The Catholic Church has a very different message for women: The Truth of their God-given dignity as persons created in His image!

Shariah Law is directly opposed to our Faith by the very fact that it excludes all other faiths but itself – and requires those who do not profess Islam to be killed. This is a fundamental heresy – the Gospel of Christ is about proclaiming the Truth and about Christ’s Redemption – and about the free will of people to choose or reject the Truth.  This Truth is available and should be proclaimed to all. Shariah Law is in direct opposition to the Gospel of Christ!

Much like its twisted cousin, Communism, Islamic Extremism is the enemy of Freedom and dignity. Islamo-fascism is the newest form of totalitarianism to rear its head on the world stage.

Consider this excerpt from Witness to Hope, the biography of John Paul II:
” To carry out its primary task, the Church asked the world for the freedom in which to make its evangelical proposal, and the Church asked that the world consider the possibility of its redemption. That was all the Church asked, but the very asking had public implications, for only a certain kind of state could grant what the Church asked. The Church’s basic evangelical mission made the Church anti-totalitarian, because the things the Church asked of the world set boundaries on the reach and pretensions of Government.
The Church that evangelizes is always a public Church, for evangelization is always a public proposal and both the making of the proposal and its content have public consequences. Yet the Church engages the world not as another contestant for power, but as a witness to the truth about the human person, human community, human history, and human destiny…This was the kind of “public Church” envisioned by the Second Vatican Council,…and the kind of public Church John Paul II …intended to foster.
John paul II’s evangelically focused view of history and politics helps get into focus his relationship with another salient actor on the world stage in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States,
The Pope and the president held certain common convictions. They both believed that communism was a moral evil, not simply wrongheaded economics. They were both confident of the capacity of free people to meet the communist challenge. Both were convinced that, in the contest with communism, victory, not mere accommodation, was possible. Both had a sense of the drama of late twentieth-century history, and both were confident that the spoken word of truth could cut through the static of communism’s lies and rouse people from their acquiescence to servitude.

I bring all this up because I want to propose that we may be on the cusp of another great alliance of Pope and President. Another instance where the Truth universally proclaimed by Christ’s Church on earth – the Church militant – is also supported by a wise and faithful President yet to be elected. This time though, it would be to fight the creeping influence of Islamic-Extremism and the totalitarianism of Extremist Regimes by a bold proclamation of the Truth.

It is no secret how Herman Cain feels about Islamic Extremists and Shariah law. It should also not be a shock that Pope Benedict the XVI has had some very pointed things to say about certain factions of Islam, and that he refuses to categorize it as a “religion of peace.” When asked by a reporter if he would describe it as such, he replied, “”I would not like to use big words to apply generic labels,” he replied. “It certainly contains elements that can favor peace, it also has other elements: We must always seek the best elements.” (13 Sept 2006).

Could it be that once again, in the drama of Divine Providence, that the stage is being set for Christ’s Church on earth, and the “shining City on a Hill” to confront the evil of our time?  Could it be that this upcoming election is much more than “just another election cycle?”  Maybe I sound crazy, but I think that it is.

God never imposes His Divine Will on His people – individually or collectively.  It truly is up to US to Trust His Will and follow where He leads.  I am confident in Mr Cain’s sincerity when he says he made the decision to run for President on his knees.  I am also confident that he has the absolute best chance at succeeding.  Above all, I KNOW he will not succeed without the support and the prayers of people like you and me.

At this juncture in history – with so much at stake – I am not willing to sit idly by and watch our country slowly erode away. Not from the threat of a moral decline, an economic decline, or a decline in National Security and Vigilance.  I ask  you to join me in praying for our nation and if you so choose, in praying for Mr Herman Cain as well.

I do not know what the future holds, but with a President Herman Cain in the White House, I am confident in the possibilities, and if that day does indeed come, I am also confident that a friendship between a Pope and President would once again be an anecdote for our world.



An Endorsement – for What Its Worth

For those of you who know me, this will come as little surprise to you.  For those of you who are faithful readers, this shouldn’t be a big shock.  I am prepared to announce that Daughters of the Heavenly King endorses Herman Cain for President of the United States, and the GOP Nomination. 

My children and I were able to speak with and take this picture with Mr Herman Cain in Washington DC at the end of July.

In the past I have refrained from supporting one candidate over another, and from commenting on anything political that would require a endorsement or the like.  I have come to the decision, after much prayer, and after learning as much as I could about the candidates, their platforms, positions, and morals, that Herman Cain is the best Candidate for a Catholic to support.  Many of you may be wondering why I do not say the same of Mr. Santorum, who is himself a Catholic.  I am sure he is a fine man, and I LOVE his stories about his daughter Bella.  The fact is that he does not have a chance at winning the nomination.  He may be a moral bulwark, (although I am not convinced, as he has supported some pro-choice candidates in the past), but he is not a leader.  Our nation needs a leader who is also a moral stalwart.  That person is Mr. Herman Cain.

His platform is solid and does not contradict any Catholic Social or Individual Teaching that I can find (and I’ve been doing a lot of research!).  He is a man of Faith who has very prayerfully considered his run for the White House.  I admire his Faith and Humility.  I admire his leadership, and his Common Sense approach to Problem Solving that has proven to work.  I believe he can and will bring our country both back to God and back to greatness.

I invite you to learn more about this man, Herman Cain.  You can find more at his website http://hermancain.com and you can learn a little more about why he is a good choice for a Conscientious Catholic Voter at http://catholics4cain.forumstopic.com .   I know politics can be divisive and it is not my goal here to begin a tedious or long political debate.  I welcome differing opinions, but I do urge you to learn more about his man, because I have complete confidence that the more you learn about him, the more you listen to him, the more you will become convinced that he is the “last best hope for America.”

As always, may God Bless your beautiful feminine hearts,

Laura Ricketts