An Endorsement – for What Its Worth

For those of you who know me, this will come as little surprise to you.  For those of you who are faithful readers, this shouldn’t be a big shock.  I am prepared to announce that Daughters of the Heavenly King endorses Herman Cain for President of the United States, and the GOP Nomination. 

My children and I were able to speak with and take this picture with Mr Herman Cain in Washington DC at the end of July.

In the past I have refrained from supporting one candidate over another, and from commenting on anything political that would require a endorsement or the like.  I have come to the decision, after much prayer, and after learning as much as I could about the candidates, their platforms, positions, and morals, that Herman Cain is the best Candidate for a Catholic to support.  Many of you may be wondering why I do not say the same of Mr. Santorum, who is himself a Catholic.  I am sure he is a fine man, and I LOVE his stories about his daughter Bella.  The fact is that he does not have a chance at winning the nomination.  He may be a moral bulwark, (although I am not convinced, as he has supported some pro-choice candidates in the past), but he is not a leader.  Our nation needs a leader who is also a moral stalwart.  That person is Mr. Herman Cain.

His platform is solid and does not contradict any Catholic Social or Individual Teaching that I can find (and I’ve been doing a lot of research!).  He is a man of Faith who has very prayerfully considered his run for the White House.  I admire his Faith and Humility.  I admire his leadership, and his Common Sense approach to Problem Solving that has proven to work.  I believe he can and will bring our country both back to God and back to greatness.

I invite you to learn more about this man, Herman Cain.  You can find more at his website and you can learn a little more about why he is a good choice for a Conscientious Catholic Voter at .   I know politics can be divisive and it is not my goal here to begin a tedious or long political debate.  I welcome differing opinions, but I do urge you to learn more about his man, because I have complete confidence that the more you learn about him, the more you listen to him, the more you will become convinced that he is the “last best hope for America.”

As always, may God Bless your beautiful feminine hearts,

Laura Ricketts




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