Culture and History, a Key to Healing Our Nation

Wow! Its been quite a while since I’ve managed to post here.  For my loyal readers, I apologize.  I’ve been on quite a ride!  Some of you may know that until Saturday, December 3, 2011, I was working for Herman Cain in his bid for the Presidency.  What a fun and eye-opening experience that was!  I was honored to be his State Director for Virginia, and to help with the organization of the grassroots activists.  I know his decision to leave the race was ALL about protecting his family and marriage, and I admire him even more for making the  difficult decision he did.  May God Bless him and his family!

But that’s not what I want to write about.  Well, not really.

You see I became involved with Mr. Cain’s campaign because I decided that something needed to happen in this country of ours to put us back on the right track.  The words of Blessed John Paul II kept turning over in my mind, “True holiness does not mean a flight from the world; rather, it lies in the effort to incarnate the Gospel in everyday life, in the family, at school and at work, and social and political involvement.”  I was beginning to get scared for my children and their future and I knew I had DO something –  just as the late Pope suggested.  By the Grace of God I ended up supporting Mr. Cain and eventually working for him.  While being on the National Stage and riding freight elevators with the potential next President of the United States and his Staff is heady stuff, and it has the potential to make one’s ego inflate, I was not in it for me.  I was doing this for my kids,  for my country, and because I believe God led me to it.

Now here I am, newly unemployed, and yet at peace, because I am still pursuing the same goal: Renewing the Culture; putting God BACK into the culture of America, where He belongs, and reclaiming our land and its people for Christ.  My mission has not changed, God has just seen fit to change my landscape and mission field a bit.

So where do we go from here?  Well, for one thing, I will hopefully by able to post more often and share with you my thoughts on how we as women accomplish this incredible task of renewal, re-evangelization, and reclamation.  I am also planning on developing Daughters of the Heavenly King further and am hoping to launch some groups “on the ground” sometime in the coming year.   I hope you will join me in that endeavor!

For the immediate moment, though, this moment that you and I are sharing together, I want to talk about how crucial culture and history are to the renewal and reclamation of America.

I have been reading George Weigel’s Biography on Pope John Paul II, A Witness to Hope.  As I read through the different areas and aspects of the Late Pontiff’s life I have been repeatedly struck by the importance John Paul II placed on the Culture of a Nation.  Not just Pop-Culture, but the historical, deep-rooted culture that defines a Nation as it ages.  A culture that becomes richer because it recognizes from where it came.  It was through a cultural renewal that Poland defeated the Soviet Iron grip.  It was through a cultural renewal – a renewal based on the Truth that Christ is at the center of every culture, because culture is for man, and Christ is THE MAN and is living in each of us – that the Soviet Satellites were able to throw off the yoke of tyranny.  A culture that embraces Christ is a culture that MUST embrace Freedom and Truth, for Christ IS Truth, and one must have the Freedom to acknowledge that Truth.

America is in danger of LOSING her cultural identity.  THIS is the greatest threat to our Nation.  Not the economy, not the War on Terror, not the overspending, the  elitism or the “establishment politics.”  The greatest threat to America is the cultural decline that she is experiencing because everything else is a “symptom” of it.  A Nation with a strong cultural identity is a Nation with citizens who are secure in their ability to work hard and prosper.  A country with strong ties to its history and cultural past is a country that will fight to preserve those ties and to protect its culture and citizens from those who would destroy that way of life.  A Nation that recognizes Christ as the center of society, and in doing so, recognizes that man is not created for society, but that society exists for man, will have policies and laws that reflect the dignity of life, the dignity of persons, and will protect the just due of those persons.   You see, it all comes back to culture and history – rooted in Christ.

Our task is to advance our society towards Jesus.  What a great thing to focus on during Advent!  Just as the Magi kept pressing on until they found Christ, so too must we keep pressing forward, bringing our Nation back along the path of a Christo-centric Culture. Just as St. John the Baptist cried out in the desert so too must we cry out in the cultural desert, “Make straight a highway for God!”  We must be the ones who restore and renew our culture.  We do this, as Pope John Paul II suggested , in everyday life.  Living the Gospel.  Speaking the Truth.  Not being afraid to witness to that Truth.  THAT is how we start.  The time is now.  We cannot afford to wait or to hope someone else will do the work for us.  God has called each of us to this time and place so that we may Proclaim Him and His Truth.  It is through Him and His Truth that we will be free.  It is through Christ that we will reclaim our culture.

Let us not be complacent!  Let us “Open wide the doors to Christ” in our homes, our schools and our offices!  Lets us welcome Him into the realms of politics and enertainment.   Lets us “Put out into the Deep, and open our nets for a catch” as we proclaim the Truth of our history and our culture!

May God Bless your beautiful feminine hearts.  Its good to be back!!