Seriously, Ladies?! (part 1)

I am a Virginia transplant. I have come to love my new home state.  Since I am originally from New Jersey I like to call myself a “Southern Yankee.”   (No, I do NOT say “Joisey” and NO NO NO I do not know anyone who even closely resembles Snookie – in looks or attitude).  I tell you this to explain two things: 1) why I am about to unload about the VA UltraSound Bill and the HHS mandate, and 2) why I am going to do it with a little bit of Jersey Snark.

Generally I try to keep these posts snark free and save the wittiness and Jersey ‘Tude for my Mommy Blog (5 and Counting…Musings of a Missionary Mommy) but truly I just can’t help myself.  The level of completely unabashed absurdity is reaching a fever pitch and I just CAN’T keep from saying something.

Here in Virginia a Law was passed that requires a woman seeking an abortion to receive an ultrasound.  (A lot of hubbub was made over a supposed provision that would require an “invasive” transvaginal ultrasound.  However this was never actually in the proposed legislation and was simply a scare tactic used by those who wished to see the bill fail.   For the record though, how can a woman possibly decry how “invasive” and demeaning a transvaginal ultrasound is when she is asking to undergo an abortion – which is a heck of a lot more invasive – and demeaning!?  It boggles the mind!!)  Despite the best and most vitriolic efforts of those from the pro-abortion lobby, the Bill was passed into law.  It is ridiculous to me the amount of anger and “action” this new law has stirred up.

I kid you not – there is a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL at the VA State House in order to commemorate or mourn or [insert word that describes emotions equally as “devastating”]  the “rights of women that are being lost” because of the passage of this law.  I am not making this up.  How much more insane can this get!?  A  Candle Light Vigil.  To mourn an ultrasound!?  Honey last time I checked ultrasounds didn’t infringe on anyone’s rights.  It’s a simple and safe medical procedure.  Hmm… isn’t that what they like to say about that abortion you are wanting to get?   Furthermore, an ultrasound is supposed to already be used to make sure the abortion would be safe;  even in the case of RU-486 the “do it yourself abortion” drug!  In fact in the case of RU-486 NOT getting an ultrasound to confirm gestational age could result in some very serious complications for mom (well you would call her a client, but I like to call it how I see it.)

So let’s get this straight. There are women who have their uteruses (uteri?) all in a twist over a law that would actually make abortions safer.  Yet somehow this is taking away women’s rights?  Ladies, you can do better than this.  You are making us all look bad.

Yes, I know that the point of the bill is so that women will see who they are aborting (ahem, killing).  But this isn’t an infringement on their rights either!  Its called informed consent.  In the medical world in order to have a procedure done, the patient must give informed consent.  Informed Consent is a RIGHT that all “patients” have.  By NOT showing the women what is going on in their bodies a woman’s right to informed consent is being violated.  In the world of medical procedures and informed consent there is NO such things as “too much information.”  You can’t make an informed judgement without it! In the jargon of the abortion industry: there is a “thing” inside the woman’s body that she wants removed.  She DESERVES to see what that “thing” is, where “it” is, and what “it” looks like before “it” is sucked out or ripped to shreds – inside her.  She also deserves to know that “it” has a heartbeat.  This isn’t coercion.  It’s not manipulation, it’s not cruelty to women, its RIGHT and its proper to the rules of informed consent regarding her “procedure.”

So, ladies, what exactly are you “mourning” out there around the Richmond Capital Complex?  The loss of ignorance?  Oh no, wait, I’m sorry, you would prefer that women who want to have abortions remain ignorant of the entirety of the procedure. My mistake.  I thought for a moment you actually cared about REAL women’s rights issues.  Instead you are brainwashed and duped into towing an absurd party line that pretends to celebrate women all the while exploiting them, using them for political gain, and lying to them about their bodies.  As we used to say in Jersey, “My bad.”

(stay tuned for part 2 – Seriously Ladies!? The Double Take!)