Ideological Blahs and Gun Control

We have baby birds.  Four of them.  Nestlings now, since they have grown out of the hatchling phase.  They are safely in their nest in our grape arbor and all day long they peep the most ear-piercing sound I have ever heard.  I actually took an aspirin because my head was throbbing from hearing their helpless high-pitched squawks all day long as the parent birds continuously fed them. 

Why am I talking about birds?  Because the intensely annoying sound these helpless little things make reminds of the noise that hard-core ideologues make.

You know the type, the people who can take any event, comment, circumstance or holiday and put on a political spin on it and then use it to serve their own ideological values.  Then they don’t stop harping on it.  I know this type because I went through a phase like it myself.  (it takes one to know one?) Happily though,  I have matured through that stage in life and (if you read my last post you would already know) I am happy to simply identify myself as a faithful Catholic.

What has me on this anti-ideology rant?

See if this sounds familiar:

A crazed lunatic gunman enters a movie theater in Colorado and kills 12 innocent people, while wounding about 50 others.

The breaking news story as reported by the “liberal” press is that he is  T.E.A. Party member.   The liberal ideologues celebrate and cheer.

This is later proven false, the network apologizes.

Later it is discovered that the gunman was a member of the “Occupy Movement.”  The Conservative ideologues cheer and celebrate.  The media is silent.

The same day we begin to hear calls for gun control.  The liberals rallying around the horrible crime and proclaiming that it never would have happened if the government would just “get the guns already.”  The Conservatives for their part start their own raving and ranting about how it was a “No Gun Zone” and if someone had a gun they could have taken out the gunman.  Both ends of the ideological spectrum screaming and reciting their lines by rote.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

“How many innocent people have to die before there are stricter gun control laws passed?”

“Protect the Second Amendment!”

“Ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty NOW!”

And around and around in circles they go.

Now, for the record, I am what ideologues call “Pro Second Amendment.”  I have an NRA sticker on my minivan and since I can’t haul around a policeman with me everywhere I go, I will settle for a Kimber micro-pistol tucked safely in my purse (or diaper bag) and pray I never ever have to use it.  That said, the talking points that are being spewed by both sides make me ill.

Now that we are in the throes of Presidential Political Mania everyone is looking for a political angle.  But that, my friends, isn’t exactly reality.  More often than not, evil is just evil.  It’s not concerned with ideology insofar as it allows the evil to happen.

And Evil happens.

That is what happened in Colorado.  An evil act carried out by a very sick, twisted individual.  What the gunman did was plain evil.  He should be punished and not made out to be some quasi-ante-hero, glorified by the never-ending news cycle.  Instead he should receive swift justice and then his name should not be spoken of.  He should receive counseling and if necessary an exorcism or prayers of deliverance. (For truly how can anyone commit such acts and NOT be under the willed influence of evil?)  We shall pray for his conversion and hope he repents.

There is a twistedness in our culture that makes us fascinated by those who commit acts such as these.  Remember the Uni-Bomber Halloween Costumes?  How much to you want to bet there will be people dressing up like this lunatic gunman?  We need to call a spade a spade, er, call evil, evil and then move on offering prayers and support to the families whose lives were forever changed that early morning.

Yet we have those who profess to be compassionate using this incident, as they use so many others, to advance a purely political agenda.  This is sick, folks.  Those families aren’t concerned with the political ramifications of what happened.  They want their loved ones back.  They want to be healed and whole.  They want this despicable deed to have never happened.   They deserve our compassion, our love, and our respect for their deceased.  NOT our politically motivated ideological spewing.

There is a time and place for politics, but politicizing a tragedy is beneath the decency of our humanity and I for one am quite sick of it.   I think I will go back and listen to the cheeping, squawking baby birds now.  At least their noise is innocent.