About the Daughters of the Heavenly King

‘Daughters of the Heavenly King’….huh?

Daughters of the Heavenly King is a Movement in the Catholic Church that seeks to restore and revive, and de-pornify Femininity.

Femininity?  Sounds boring.  Not so!  The problem that so many of us women face is that we have a very skewed vision of what it means to be feminine.  We can try to blame that on anyone we want..feminists, chauvinists, June Cleaver even……but I would lay the blame squarely at the feet of Satan (because thats where it truly belongs).

So, back to the Daughters of the Heavenly King.  What could be more important to our Church and our culture than women who understand what it means to be women??!!  Pope John Paul II says “Our Time in particular awaits the manifestation of that “genius” which belongs to women, and which can ensure sensitivity for human beings in every circumstance : because they are human! – and because “the greatest of these is love.”  Wow!  We are created with a genius that, to paraphrase the late Holy Father, our times desperately need us to realize!  Why?  Well, we shall unpack that in later postings…..am I enticing you to read more??  Good, because, Dear Woman, just as the late Holy Father realized that the world needs YOU to be the woman you were created to be, I too believe that you have a beautiful feminine gift.   That is why I created the Daughters of the Heavenly King

You see, I’ve realized that there are so many of us who want to beautiful, feminine women, but that we don’t know what the really means.  How can we?  Too many of us hail from broken or patchwork families, or had mothers who, God Bless them, pulled double duty – too often pinch- hitting and filling in for an absent or overworked dad.  Some of us come from the generation who created the free love era, when all social norms were broken, and some of us are the offspring of that generation.  Others are of the tech-gen, just coming into our own in a culture that is confused about what it means to be a woman, and what is expected of one.  All of us are bombarded with a false version of beauty and femininity.  Our pornified culture lies to us every day about whether or not we are pretty, and yet one of our deepest desires is to be beautiful and cherished.  What are we to do?  How are we to navigate this age of lies and confusion to arrive at the Truth of who we are as women?

The late Holy Father, John Paul II told us that women have a unique and special “genius.”  He encouraged us to come to a greater understanding of ourselves as Feminine Women – especially in this age of gender confusion.  The most effective way for a woman to come to deeper understanding of her beautiful Feminine Heart is through a relationship with God Our Heavenly Father and King, and through close relationships with other women.  That is why we are working towards forming groups “on the ground” that you can be a part of!

The Daughters of the Heavenly King seeks to meet a desperate need in our Church and in our culture.  It is a Movement of the Holy Spirit, calling us to a deeper understanding of the Richness of God’s gift to us – our Femininity.

The purpose of this blog is to provide reflections and writing on the topic of (and all those related to) Femininity and Womanhood.  I encourage those of you who are already Daughters of the Heavenly King to check back regularly and post comments often – what a wonderful way to stay connected!  I also encourage all of you who are not members, but who are interested in your beautiful Feminine Genius to come back and read more – and let me know what you think!

If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting Movement please leave a comment or email LauraR.TrinitySolutions@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “About the Daughters of the Heavenly King

  1. I came upon this quite by accident while gathering information on a class I am doing just for Junior High girls about self-esteem, the dignity of a women and… being princesses, because we are daughters of a King! How amazing to find this website and all your wonderful writings! I would love to learn more about Daughters of the Heavenly King! I am a Youth Minister at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Chandler, Arizona. Thank you so much!
    Heidi Gass

    • Hi Heidi! Praise God for His Providence! I would be happy to share some more information with you. Would you prefer me to email you or snail mail you a few information sheets? (Some documents explaing the DOHK, and information for Courts, Resources etc). Please email me at dok@catholicexchange.com or post a reply here with the address (email or mailing ) that you would prefer I send everything to. I will have send it to you by tomorrow (Friday, November 6, 20009). Have a wonderful day! I am so glad to hear from you!
      God Bless you!


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