About the Author and Founder

Laura and her Hubby

Hello again!  If you have read the “About the Daughters of the Heavenly King” Post, then you already know I am Laura Ricketts and the Founder of the Daughters of the Heavenly King, an international movement of Catholic Women dedicated to a deep, lifetime journey of developing their God-given Femininity and thereby restoring authentic femininity to the Catholic Church and culture.  I find it hard to write this post because  I feel as though I am advertising myself or at the very least participating in some kind of “me show.”  I do not like to put information about my children online for their own safety and privacy, however, I  understand that you might want to know a little more about just me.  So I have decided to borrow and paraphrase what has already been written about me in various publications:

“Laura is a Public Speaker and aspiring author who has given presentations and speeches throughout the Ohio Valley, New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania Tri-State area, and the DC Metropolitan Area.  Topics that Laura has spoken on include Sexuality as God’s Gift, Femininity, Beauty, God’s Love, Gender-Confusion, Modesty (the real deal),  Contraception, Abortion and the Truth, Pornography, Apologetics, and the Sacraments.   From 2002 to 2003 Laura was the Spokeswoman for New Jersey Citizens Concerned for Life and is the former House Director of a home for Women in Crisis Pregnancies. She is an outspoken anti-pornography activist, and assists women who love someone who loves porn. She considers her most important roles to be that of Wife and Mother.  Laura currently resides in Virginia with her wonderful Husband, who transitioned out of the Marine Corps in 2008 after serving for eight years.  Together they are homeschooling and raising their four children ranging in ages from 7 to 2 years.  Laura and her husband have 3 children in Heaven and look forward to meeting them someday!”

I would add that I served as State Director of Virginia for Friends of Herman Cain in 2011, and that in my “free time” I enjoy writing and reading, cooking, playing with my children, praying, and hanging out with my awesome hubby.

I am hoping to launch Daughters of the Heavenly King groups “on the ground” in 2012 and if you would like to be part of this exciting new way to renew our culture and discover what God has designed for your beautiful feminine heart, please contact me!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the posts in this blog site and that they touch your beautiful feminine heart.  May God Bless you and may you truly see how much He adores you.

Peace and Blessings,



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